Hi, I’m Jayme.

While I serve at a Christian organization as Director of Communications and Executive Editor of publications and content, this is my personal blog.

If you spend much time here, you’re probably a Christian, looking for encouragement, inspiration, or motivation to grow closer to our Lord. I write about Christian living and how to communicate your faith with others.

You may be a mom, needing encouragement to smile when you’ve just discovered that your preschooler gave his sister her first haircut. I’ve been there, and by the way, big bows come in handy.

Maybe you’re a homeschooler. I’ve also been there–for 22 years. I can help you help your children get into college, get scholarships and internships, and excel in their studies and programs.

Or you may be a writer, seeking  to sharpen your communication skills.  In my day job, I manage a staff of writers, editors, media managers, designers, and professional communicators. We develop books, magazines, devotionals, scripts, media presentations, web content, radio and film, social media, advertising and promotional materials, and other communications tools.

My passion is to write about our amazing God and share His unending grace with you. We are truly His beloved children and blessed far beyond what we can ever imagine.

My Goal for You

I want you to experience the fullness of God’s grace. My goal is to inspire you to be amazed by our incredible Creator’s work, to encourage you through the rough places in life, and to help you build the skills to effectively share your faith–through testimony, writing, speaking, mentoring/discipleship, and day-to-day living.

Only you can tell your unique story and communicate the message with the gifts God has given you. I’d like to help you write it, say it, and live it with grace. Ultimately, I want you to face each day with awe, anticipating the overwhelming goodness of our Lord!

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I often write about

  • Christian Living
  • Moms and Kids
  • Homeschooling
  • Special Needs
  • Writing
  • Creation and our Majestic Creator
  • Grace

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